Derek Veenhof

Hey look — it's me!

I’m Derek—the guy who does all this stuff!
I started this freelance business in 2011. I’m an illustrator and designer who likes to produce music and DJ by night. I also like to record podcasts. All of that happens when I’m not playing Overwatch though. I love to design logos, work with type, and design vehicle wraps while drinking coffee (I’ll take a medium regular). I’m also a YouTube aficionado—so yes, I’ve seen it.

How does ‘buying design’ work?

If you want to work with me on a branding or custom project, I’d like to get to know you first and hear from you directly about what you’re goals are. We set up a virtual or in-person meeting where I can explain my process and you can explain what you’re hoping to achieve.

What is the design process?

The process of design can vary with each project. But the main steps of my process remain consistent each time:

Brief – What is our goal? What is our deadline? What is the scope?
Research – Who are your competitors? What is the ecosystem like?
Sketch – Thumbnails, Mockups, testing ideas
Reflect – Reviewing and assessing the concepts
Improve – Make changes that make the design more effective
Present – Let you see what I’ve come up with
Revise – Make final changes needed
Deliver – Deliver you the goods

How much do you charge?

This one is tricky, it depends on your project. For any custom logo or branding package, my prices start at $1000 CAD and go up from there depending on the extent of your deliverables. Most other projects are priced individually based on the time and work involved, so get in contact with me today to discuss it with me!

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