“Design isn’t just about how it looks– it’s about how it works.”

A clear and concise brief is a key starting point to any successful project. Objectives & goals–what do you want the design to do? This is where we take the time to listen. What do you want to achieve?

Research is essential in the design process. Some days we can be more creative than others and ideas sometimes come to us through the muse, but thorough research ensures all options are explored and that we arrive at the concept that will truly make the most impact. What are competitors doing? What works and doesn’t work? What strategies that work for them will not work for you and why?

This is where imagination comes into play. Thumbnails (initial sketches) begin–however many it takes to come up with the most original and effective outcomes possible. Small sketches are turned into roughs, and these are turned into final compositions. After each sketching stage, taking time to breathe and reflect allows for proper editing, getting rid of the excess, and perfecting.

Impact. The final product is presented and delivered to you in all it’s glory–results shall follow!