Should you meet face to face with your designer?

By October 1, 2014 Design No Comments

How do you get the bang for your buck when hiring for design work?  Do you want transparency throughout the design process?  How much hands on time with the designer do you want during your project.  What is your timeline and your budget and how do they all fit together nicely? A designer should give you a good feel, like any person you hire for any other sort of service. Sure you may get a discount if you apply for auto insurance online, but sometimes meeting face to face with a broker is the only time you will receive the absolute best coverage you require, at the absolute best price you can find.

Always recognize that you get what you pay for in the design world, and having a designer meet with you multiple times throughout the design process is part of what you pay for when designing a logo or any other piece. The face to face and hands on process is often what will put your final product above the rest. Communicating concisely in ways other than e-mails and phone calls is a great way to ensure your ideas are conveyed with the utmost accuracy to your designer.

What if you and your company have a vibe or an energy that doesn’t necessarily transpose itself by mere text. You want to give off that vibe face to face– sometimes you just can’t tell who you’re dealing with online. Do you really want your printer to be your designer too? All you’re doing is selecting how many hours you want them to spend on your business card from a drop down menu– this decision to meet face to face with a designer will often determine the difference between good, great, and the perfect design!

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