Anne approached me through a referral and I met with her to discuss her business. Anne is an interior designer and had a client base before creating the company Sixty5 Design Co. She wanted a logo from scratch for her newly formed brand. Sixty5 Design Co. is an all encompassing Home, Industrial and Commercial interior design firm.


Anne wanted clean-cut, vintage looking logo utilizing type elements with a sense of style and humour but which was not ‘cutesy’. She specified we should stay away from a strict ‘art deco’ style while trying our best to remain in the 1930s. Although Anne is a well versed interior designer, she admittedly didn’t have much expertise in the area of graphic design, but she was able to use a lot of good words to pin-point her creative ideas and we were able to quickly find common ground.


Anne gave me examples logos she did like: Stockholm 24, Mjolk Design Co. She also gave me logos she wanted me to steer clear of: Critelli’s, Betty Crocker. I spent some time sketching to get an idea of composition and where I would place things. I also researched the logos provided and the styles and time periods discussed. We ended up with a few different directions and picked them apart until we came to our final solution.




Typeface Choices
OXFORD by Roger White (1993), a serif font was used for the ‘sixty’ element. It recreated a feel of the 1930s while avoiding the specific art Deco style (1908 to 1935). (Deco emphasizes geometric forms: spheres, polygons, rectangles, trapezoids, zigzags, chevrons, and sunburst motifs. Elements are often arranged in symmetrical patterns.)

CODE LIGHT was also used. (A very basic, thin, sans-serif font with wide set letterforms.)

Colour Choice
Anne loves fire truck red. It is often placed carefully in her interior design choices. We chose for the 5 in the centre to be the focal point using the bright red. Originally the lettering was all black, but we chose to compare 4 different shades of grey instead of the black and decided on the lightest grey we looked at.

The spacing (kerning) amount was decided to give the logo an overall wider appearance to balance with the 5. We chose to have the 5 hang slightly at the bottom, have the y fit nicely along the side of the 5, and to put the DESIGN CO. element down a bit to give the overall logo an off-kilter look. The length of the two grey parts is identical, so vertically it has a centred alignment, but on the horizontal axis one end is slightly above the other. We chose to add the red dot at the end of CO. and use it as a visual anchor point that also repeated the fire engine red used in the 5. We wanted it to be big enough to see within the whole logo but also not too large to throw off the balance of the elements.


Anne was super stoked with the outcome we reached and had this to say:

“The result of Derek’s ingenuity was a logo that truly represented what my vision for my new company was. I have received many compliments and I am only happy to recommend Shapestate Creative to anyone that needs this type of work attended to.”

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